Why I Love Design

Design is constantly evolving. The constant influx of new ideas, tools, and the need for communication solutions allow designers to constantly exercise their creativity. There is a dynamism between the client mandates, hand of the designer, and final product. The designer takes on the role of a mediator, tactician, creative advisor, and artist all at once. It’s an active, fun, and challenging position to be in!

How I Design

I strive for tidy design. Design with a focused, yet flexible grid, expressive typography, and potent imagery: these base elements are what I use to create solutions to visual communication problems. Often times the ultimate goal of any design product is to communicate (an idea, message, point, etc.); however, it is equally as often hindered by the context in which it is placed. I am passionate about bringing these communicative concepts to the forefront. The concept and the design merge together creating a seamless, and effective piece.

When I’m Not Designing

While I’ve spent the last few years of my life focusing on becoming a graphic designer, I’ve also found time to get around to a few great cities (Philadelphia, New York, and Boston). I love experiencing the art, the architecture, the food, and simply relaxing- taking in what that locale has to offer! My other interests involve photography, drumming, online gaming, searching for new music, and checking out places that make Baltimore unique!